jeudi 18 février 2010

Adhan 1.1 iPhone and iPod touch أوقات الصلاة و إتجاه القبلة

Adhan 1.1 iPhone and iPod touch
Adhan 1.1 iPhone and iPod touch | 5 MB

Adhan (or Azan) is a prayer companion software for iPod Touch and iPhone 3.1 . It computes you all the information a Muslim needs to manage his prayer schedule. That means, the prayer time (for various fiqhs and standards) as well as the direction to Mecca.
One new feature is a 24 hour clock, showing the various zones in the day which each prayer occupies.
Adhan also plays the call to prayer at the right time.
Adhan support English and Arabic languages
What's new
Qibla Direction fixed for 3GS devices.
Fajar Azan issues has been fixed.
French support added in application

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